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Free Online Treatment Form

Here are some instructions for the patient

1. This form is to be filled in case the patient is suffering from some CHRONIC disease. In other cases, directly fill up the On Line Advice form.
2. Certaing personal questions have been asked in this form these are very important for homeopathic prescription. Feel free to write all the details. The information you will give willbe kept strictly confidential.
3. Do not use medical terms except in certain columns like Diagnosis, Treatment History. Write about your complaints in simple(in your own words). Use general terms in your narration.
4. In Case you do not understand any questions, click on it and you will be provided with all the details to be filled regarding that particular.
5.A sample case has also been provided. You can refer to it in case of any problems.
6.The options given in various questions are merely SSUGGESTIVE. If you feel that they donot apply to you, just mention it.
7.If you want to give any other information which has not been covered in the form, do write to us. Every detail is important.

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