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F.Personal and social history:

H.Personal Details:

1.Habits - Do you take drugs, tea,cofee,opium,alcohal, cigrettes etc.? If so how much in quantity often.

2.Response to weather: How you respond to the weather changes summer/winter/spring/autumn/rainy weather.

3.Eating habits.

4.Thirst: How much and how often you like to drink water and its relation with weather changes?



7.Bowel/Stool habits


9.Any other detail(optional):

I.Describe your nature as perceived by you and others:

j.Menstrual/Obstetric history:

k.Treatment History:

L.Height M.Weight

N.Built O.Pulse

P. B.P P. Nutrition

Q.Any other finding reported by qualified doctor:

R.Investigation Report:

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